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Backhand Slice – Knuckles to the Sky September 4, 2009

Posted by USPTA in Tips.

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Backhand slice
Backhand Slice – Knuckles to the Sky

Video description:
USPTA Sweet Spot featuring USPTA Master Professional Rick Macci. In this video, Macci demonstrates the proper technique and position of the dominant hand when preparing to hit a backhand slice.

Slice shots are often used on approach shots to keep the ball low and force an opponent to hit up, or when a player is in trouble and needs to hit a shot that gives him more time to recover. As a tactic, slice is used to change the pace of a rally during a point. By creating this change, it allows a player to disrupt his opponent’s timing and influence what kind of shot his opponent hits.

Tennisresources.com contains a number of helpful resources that teach the technique and tactics involved in hitting a slice shot. From the slice service return to the slice approach, these educational tips will help your players improve their slice technique and their transition game. To access these resources, visit http://www.tennisresources.com and enter the word “slice” into the Quick Search field.

View on TennisResources.com http://www.tennisresources.com/index.cfm?area=video_detail&vidid=2656&media_type_id=&Media_FileURL=&media_name=slice&media_desc=&media_status=1&media_preview=1&show=10&extra=0&reviewed=&errors=&presenter=&AssetCategory=&basicsearch=1&ATT=&LineNbr=1&StartRow=1&ts=1

New content is added to the site every week, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to access this valuable library of tennis education. Members who sign up for a premium subscription have access to all of the exclusive materials found within the search engine. Visit http://www.tennisresources.com and register today!


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