Backhand approach shot

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Backhand approach shot

Check out this video with USPTA Professional Mark Bey offering technical tips on how to hit an effective backhand approach shot.


As a player builds up points from the baseline, he gets a mid-court ball that gives him the chance to finish the point. The forehand is his favorite shot, but this time, he needs to hit an effective backhand approach in order to finish the point.

Let’s see what tips USPTA Professional Mark Bey can offer a player on hitting an effective backhand approach shot. He discusses the knee bend, keeping the hands and shoulders level and moving through the shot.

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One Response to Backhand approach shot

  1. dan says:

    oh no brother! sorry…you lost the point when you dropped your racket on follow thought! you needed to transition to ready position at follow-though to make the wining shot! an approach shot is an offensive shot! where the heck was your offensive play!?

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