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Half volley January 10, 2013

Posted by USPTA in Tips.

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halfvolleyHalf volley

Check out this video featuring USPTA Professional and former ATP player Hank Pfister with technical and tactical tips on half volleys.


Having trouble with that mid-court ball that drops at your feet? Do you tend to miss it in the net or pop it up too much? Does the opponent end up hurting you on the next ball?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, watch USPTA Professional and former ATP player Hank Pfister as he explains how to hit forehand and backhand half volleys more effectively.

Watch more videos on volleys at TennisResources.com. Simply type “volley” into the Quick Search field or choose the Advanced Search for a more detailed search. Click on “Specific Shots” category and choose from the different types of volleys already listed. Get more tips and drill ideas from our USPTA Professionals!

http://www.tennisresources.com/index.cfm?area=video_detail&vidid=2291&media_type_id=3&Media_FileURL=&media_name=your reason for playing&media_desc=&media_status=1&media_preview=1&show=10&extra=0&reviewed=1&errors=&presenter=Jim Loehr, Ed.D.&AssetCategory=&basicsearch=1&ATT=&LineNbr=1&StartRow=1&ts=1View on TennisResources.com

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