Wide-time pressure

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widetimeballsWide-time pressure

Having trouble getting to those wide balls that put you in a defensive position? USPTA Professional Mark Kovacs, Ph.D., describes it as a wide-time pressure situation. Check out a few exercises that you can do to improve lateral movement and loading on the outside leg.


This week’s tip features USPTA Professional Mark Kovacs, Ph.D., demonstrating a couple of exercises that will help improve a player’s movement and footwork to wide balls. The exercises involve a 2- to 6-pound medicine ball and resistance bungee tubing with a belt. Two to four sets of 6-12 repetitions are recommended. Kovacs emphasizes the use of the open stance and loading effectively on the outside leg.

These exercises should not be done without the supervision of a certified strength and conditioning trainer or a certified tennis-teaching professional who is knowledgeable about biomechanics and specific tennis training.

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